The Billionaire’s Betasitter Series

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The Billionaire’s Betasitter Series

Sunshine’s Grump

They’ve got a knotty, yacht-y problem.


He’s the most notorious grump in the world. An irresistibly sexy billionaire. And my new boss.

But I’m only on his megayacht for the money. If I can make it through the week, I’ll have enough to keep my slightly illegal betasitting business afloat, convince my parents I have what it takes to be the captain of my fate, and sail off into the sunrise.

It’ll be fine, as long as I don’t fall off the yacht.

Or fall on Grumpy’s one-eyed pocket pirate.

Or fall in love.


She’s not a beta. She’s not a sitter. And she sure as hell can’t be my true mate, because the ray of sunshine taking care of my niece is everything I don’t need.

A gorgeous gold digger, eighteen years younger than me, and so sweet she makes my teeth ache to claim her as mine.

For the week at least. Or maybe forever.

It’ll be fine, I’ll just keep her at a distance. How hard could I be?

I mean, how hard could it be?

Content Advisory: Sunshine’s Grump includes accidental pregnancy, “make it fit” knotting, profanity, claiming, spanking, breeding, light BDSM, power imbalance, and backdoor knotting. 

Knotty New Year

Happy Holidays? Knot.

I’m snowed in with my hot-as-hell billionaire boss, who might be my soulmate. Sounds like I’m on Santa’s good girl list, right?

Except Nicholas Paxson’s icy glare is almost as cold as the blizzard outside, and when our bond ignites, he makes sure I know all I’ll ever be is the betasitter…even though I’m no beta.

Will the heat between us be enough to melt his frozen heart?

Knotty New Year is a standalone holiday M/F age gap, grumpy-sunshine omega verse romance in The Billionaire’s Betasitter series. Part of Candy and Pax’s story appeared in the 2022 holiday anthology Knotty or Nice (no longer available).

Content Advisory: Knotty New Year includes age gap romance, accidental pregnancy, knotting, claiming, spanking, breeding, power imbalance, and backdoor knotting. 

Valentine’s Heart

I was looking for a one-night stand. I ended up with my soulmate

Every painfully shy billionaire heiress needs an overprotective bodyguard, right?

Unfortunately, my doctor just prescribed a one-night stand to help with some serious health concerns, and my sisters have taken me shopping at a nightclub for a “cocktail sausage cutie” to help gently punch my V card.

But my much older, muscle-bound, totally off-limits alpha bodyguard won’t let me pick a stranger for a medically necessary hookup. He thinks what I need…is him.

If I take him up on his offer, there’s a strong chance he may break my heart. And also my hoohah.

What’s a love-hungry omega to do? 

Content Advisory: Valentine’s Heart includes past sexual trauma of both MCs as teens, mental health issues/ panic disorder, a mention of past child abduction (FMC), knotting, claiming, backdoor action, use of toys, and the use of the terms Daddy and baby girl. 

Rainbow’s Storm

Revenge is a dish best served in a bikini.


Five years ago, billionaire/thirst trap Storm Halder walked into my life, rejected me as his soulmate, and walked away. That same weekend, my stepdad left Mom and me with nothing but a leaky roof and a stack of bills.

Before that day, my name was Rainbow. Now, it’s just Rain. 

Am I bitter? Heck yes. But when I take an unusually lucrative betasitter gig and end up inside Storm’s mansion, I finally have the chance for revenge.

So why are my plans to get payback turning into fantasies about kisses in the rain?

And why does this jerk’s groveling make my heart thunder?


Five years ago, I met my far-too-young true mate, and gave her up to save us both. Now Rainbow’s at my front door, claiming to be the betasitter hired to help with my foster son, and I have a second chance…to grovel for forgiveness.

Having her in my home, wearing tiny bikinis and putting me in my place, is a punishment I only imagined in my wildest fantasies. Rainbow will get her revenge, but if she asks for more? I may have to reject her again to protect her from what’s coming. 

Because there’s no rainbow at the end of this storm. 

Content Advisory: Includes infertility issues, medical issues, chronic/terminal illness, references to past child abuse/neglect, grief/loss, voyeurism, pot use by side character, knotting, nesting, claiming bites, video/camera use, DP, backdoor play, light BD$M, fun with food, sex toys, and temperature play. *This book is more angsty than the others in the series. Happy ending guaranteed, but have tissues on hand.

Grumpy’s Holiday Sweater

Perfect billionaire husband? Check.
Perfect best friends? Check and check.
Perfectly hideous holiday sweater?
Checkity mother freaking check.

There’s only one thing I need: for my husband to stop acting like the last month of pregnancy is a no-knotting zone. Well, that and to win the company ugly holiday sweater contest before I go into labor.

Thank goodness I have my best friends, my perfectly emo niece, and a doctor who happens to be my aunt to help me…

Grumpy’s Holiday Sweater is a peek back into the lives of Soleil and Giovanni Grantham, nine months after the events in Sunshine’s Grump. You need to read that book to fully enjoy the knotty humor in this short story! 

Content Advisory : Grumpy’s Holiday Sweater includes age gap romance, pregnancy, knotting, birth, and references to zombies.