The Forgotten Angel Series

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The Forgotten Angel Series

Lost Feather

I’m no angel… or am I?

Nameless. Forgotten. Lost on Earth for centuries with a disembodied voice as my only friend. Protecting the vulnerable without any help from above. No one to explain the rules. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

So when High Angelus Gavriel finds me killing a very bad man, can he really blame me? Before I can explain, he drags me back to the place he swears is my home: Sanctuary.

Halfway between Earth and the Celestial Realm, Sanctuary would be paradise if it weren’t for the daily decontamination showers, hours spent carving the murder-marks off my skin to discover my true name, and thousands of prim and proper angels who tell me I stink. Literally.

I’m the dirtiest Protector they’ve ever seen, but I can’t stop fantasizing about Gavriel and his best friends. Those sexy-as-sin High Angeli don’t know what to do with me, but I have a few ideas. I just need to find out my name so they’ll see who I am deep down… even if I have a feeling I’m no angel.

But what happens when my name is revealed… and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined?

Lost Feather is a humorous, steamy romance that ends on a cliffhanger. Over the course of the series, the main character will end up happily soulmated with more than one of the guys. And possibly an angelic gate. This book is intended for adult readers and contains real and made-up profanity, explicit scenes, and references to past sexual assault of a sibling.

Fallen Feather

Names have power. Even awful ones. 

I called myself Feather. But really? I was Useless. So I chose to save Sanctuary, though that meant I lost everything: my majestic sheets, my old name, my fudging body… and my sweet, sexy soulmate.

When the super-hot and literally horny Rumple sends me back home, not everyone busts out the confetti. You’d think by sacrificing myself, I would have solved a lot of problems. But I only uncovered more, and made some new, powerful, glitter-hating enemies.

When Protectors start to disappear, I’m stuck wandering through Sanctuary’s basement/sex dungeon to find them… and that’s where I discover a terrible truth. The real danger isn’t on the other side of the Great Gate.

It was inside Sanctuary all along.

Fallen Feather is a humorous, steamy romance that ends on a… wait for it…cliffhanger. You need to read Lost Feather first, unless you’re into that confused, just-been-reincarnated feeling.

Over the course of the series, the main character will end up happily soulmated with more than one of the guys, and she’ll probably put the moves on a gate. This book is intended for adult readers and contains real and made-up profanity, passing references to SA, a whole lot of demon-on-bad guy violence, some angel-on-angel violence, and a few explicit scenes with more than enough heavenly hotties to go around.

Rising Feather

What’s in a name? Everything.

When I left Sanctuary in a cloud of glitter, I thought I knew exactly who I was. But in the Celestial Realm, it’s clear I had it wrong. And so did everyone else.

According to the shiniest of all the Celestials, I’m something new and unexpected. To my surprise, I also have a family. But their warm, naked welcome won’t matter, because I may have left a part of my soul back in Sanctuary, and I’m fading fast.

All alone, armed only with an unusual gift from the Goddess of Glitter, I must sing myself across the void to rescue my nemesis/secret crush, the lost angel I’ve loved forever, my best birch’s mate-to-be, and the million-thread-count sheets I desperately miss. But to win against the Abyss, permanent, painful choices will need to be made.

And this time, I’m not the sacrifice.

Rising Feather is a humorous, steamy romance that ends with a… Happy Ever After! You do need to read Lost Feather and Fallen Feather first. (Seriously, birch. Don’t skip that step.) This book is for adult readers and contains real and made-up profanity, graphic violence, mention of past assault, death of a spiritual sibling, off- page self harm, and explicit group scenes. If the last two books were too smutty for you? You’ll definitely want to skim a few of these chapters.

Glittering Feather

How hard could angelic parenting be? I had no fudging idea.

You’d think, with the best birches in the universe and four smoking hot angelic soulmates on my side, I could help raise one Celestial child without too much fuss.

But when the “child” is a slightly demonic teenage criminal, intent on destroying the realm to get what she wants, with an immortal canine accomplice the size of a Clydesdale, fuss doesn’t come close.

Fiasco is more like it.

Glittering Feather is a novella set in the world of The Forgotten Angel. If you haven’t read that trilogy? You’ll be lost in the void, birch. This story follows Feather and Precious, and gives hints at what’s ahead for our perfect devil girl. This story contains real and made-up profanity, one sexy scene, and a lot of Celestial teenaged angst. For adult readers only.