The Lost Lines Series

The Lost Lines Series

The Omega’s Mischief

How much mischief can one Omega make?

The Omega's Mischief book cover
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Until today, Vali has never desired a man. But her curiosity may get her killed.

When the madam of The Rutting Sow sends innocent Vali on a dangerous errand, she begs an old friend for help. To repay the favor, Vali ends up cleaning chamber pots for an upscale cathouse, The Frisky Kitten.

She should go straight home, but it’s specials night at the Kitten, and every keyhole opens a world of new, naughty ideas.

But when a mysterious man catches Vali watching and chases her through the night, she ends up running for her life…. and straight into a trap.

Mischief, mayhem, and missing servants … is Vali the next to vanish?

This 6,000+ word short story is a prequel to The King’s Omega, a reverse harem, human Omegaverse novel coming in October 2021.

While this story is PG-13, the series is NOT, and is intended for readers 18+ only, please! 

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The King’s Omega

They’re going to need a bigger dungeon.

When you’re the last Omega in the world, forced to mate with a cruel, kitten-stealing king… well, it’s a good thing his four sexy generals know how to storm a girl’s castle. 

But can they convince her to fall in love, without falling for her themselves?

Born long after the plagues that killed every Omega on the continent, Vali is the lost Omega prophesied to save her country.

All she must do is mate King Rigol… but he can’t stand her.  He thinks Vali is a dirty, foul-smelling brothel maid, and falls for her treacherous mistress instead. 

Eventually, the king realizes Vali is the true Omega and begs her forgiveness. But she still can’t love him, even if she doesn’t hate him quite as much. Sure, he gave her kitten back, but he’s already mated… to the enemy. 

Can his irresistible generals convince her to fall in love—or at least in bed—with King Rigol? Perhaps, if they all torture her together. 

Sweet, sexy torture. 

The King’s Omega is a full-length standalone Omegaverse historical fantasy, where the heroine finds her HEA with more than one love interest.

Future books in the series contain shifters, but this one is humans only… very special humans. (Hope that’s *knot* a problem!) Content warnings are in the Author’s Note just inside the book—please read before deciding if this book is for you! Intended for 18+ readers due to profanity, violence, and super steamy sexy times. 

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The Queen’s Nest

Everyone wants the last Omega… but some want her dead.

Kings want to marry her, warlords want to steal her, assassins want to poison her… how did a simple brothel maid get this popular? 

Born long after the Great Plagues that killed every known Omega, Vali is the last of her kind. An innocent, intrepid woman with magical powers that can heal or kill thousands, she rose from the gutters of Rimholt at the command of her king to save her country and, um… take the king’s four best friends as her consorts. 

Can you blame her? Those generals knew exactly how to storm a girl’s castle. 

Her men have sworn to protect their queen with their lives, though assassins lurk in every shadow. Vali’s the real target, but when her enemies finally attack, her lovers are the ones dying. 

But this Omega isn’t afraid to fight back, and she’ll risk everything—even her life—to protect her mates. 

The Queen’s Nest is a 22,000-word novella that follows events in The King’s Omega. While all books in the series can be read alone (no cliffhangers), it’s more fun if you read them in order.

All books in The Lost Lines Series feature heroines with multiple love interests, steamy scenes, and Happily Ever Afters for all. Content warnings are in the Author’s Note just inside the book—please read before deciding to buy. Adult readers only, please!

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The Assassin’s Promise

She was bred to be lovely. She turned out lethal.

After escaping an evil king bent on reviving an extinct, magical line, Roya promised to dedicate her life to ridding the world of abusive tyrants. But when her mentor, Thorn, flunks her out of the Assassins Guild, she flees her humiliation and runs straight into danger.

Now kings and warlords hunt her, somehow privy to her deepest secret—that she is one of the legendary line. Thorn is her only ally, until Roya’s magical lure inadvertently draws more than one dangerous protector to her side.

Roya wants to be known for her skills as a poisoner, not mysterious powers. But when Thorn teams up with a prince, a warrior-scholar, and a pirate, there may not be enough poison in the world to kill the pull she feels to all four, though these men may not be who they say they are. And some may want to lock her away for themselves.

Maybe it’s time for her to cook up a deadly plan of her own.

The Assassin’s Promise is a 108,000-word fantasy in The Lost Lines Series, with multiple love interests, some spicy scenes, violence, and a guaranteed HEA (Happily Ever After). All books in the series are written as standalones, but they might be more fun to read in order.

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The Guards’ Haven

They’re guarding her body. She’s guarding her heart.

After thirty years of cruel captivity in Verdan, Haven convinces the new, magic-wielding queen of neighboring Rimholt to allow her to open a school. It’s everything she’d hoped.
Except the school is an abandoned brothel.
The students are tiny criminal masterminds.
And she’s living with three sexy King’s Guards assigned to protect her from kidnappers and assassins.

Now Haven is living the dream, but she’s distracted by new fantasies that involve not one, but all three guards: the gentle, red-bearded captain who can’t walk; the young, amateur poet who keeps peeking in her windows; even the brooding jerk with the dark, dangerous secret.
But Haven has a secret of her own, and when it’s exposed, she has to make a choice. Fight for her freedom and risk discovery of her own hidden magic? Or crawl back into the safety of a cage she’ll never escape?

If she lets down her guard, they all might pay with their lives.

The Guards’ Haven is a humorous, full-length, standalone historical fantasy in The Lost Lines Series, set months after events in The King’s Omega.  The heroine is a plus-sized survivor of abuse, and the book deals with themes of infertility and past sexual and physical trauma, and contains violence, profanity, and hot, medieval wheelchair action. Please read the Author’s Note inside before deciding if this book is for you.

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The Duchess’s Designs

She’s been broken for years. Can these three finally mend her?

Savaged by a feral Alpha four years ago, once-fearless Cilla can’t speak around the hulking, dominant men, not even the three ridiculously handsome ones who have been carefully courting her for months.

Too carefully. Flowers and love poems? Please. This seamstress wants knots, nests, and naughtiness. She needs to find her tongue, so she can tell them what uses she has for theirs.

Prince Neron and his cousins are driving her to desperation. When Cilla’s nature finally awakens, her sanity hangs by a thread. Her chosen mates will have one chance to mend her heart…before she loses her mind.

Previously published as The Mended Omega in the charity anthology, Knot Over You, The Duchess’s Designs is a standalone, steamy why choose 20,000-word novella that takes place after events in The Guards’ Haven. It features new characters as well as cameos with some reader favorites. 

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The Leviathan’s Debt

There’s a price for everything.

Forty years ago, Wren was attacked by King Talon the day after their wedding. She fled and was lost at sea…and then found by an ancient being, who saved her with his blood.

The price for her life? Someday, the monster will return to claim it.

Now, she’s become the mysterious Ankelsang, the Angel of Blood who protects the vulnerable. But who will protect her? On the same day, she discovers her best friend is a spy for the leviathan, her worthless husband comes to bring her home, and the leviathan itself appears. They all want her heart.

Only, some of them may want to consume it.

When the Warlord of Starlak sets a trap to lure Wren to his lands, the kings and creatures who are drawn to her will have the chance to show their worth, and earn her love.

But the price may be far higher than any of them suspect. 

Following events after The Assassin’s Promise, The Leviathan’s Debt is the first half of Wren’s saga, and ends in a cliffhanger.

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The Wyvern’s Redemption

She found love in the ocean. He’ll find his redemption in fire. 

Long ago, a wyvern king cast his bride out, leaving her broken and dying.

Now, after forty years, Wren has found love in the arms of some of the most unlikely men she’s ever met. Though a few of those arms may be tentacles.

When Wren is stolen from her new mates, and the only rescuer at hand is her wyvern ex-husband, will she be able to trust him with her life…or her heart?

The Wyvern’s Redemption is the exciting conclusion to Wren’s journey, begun in The Leviathan’s Debt. 

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Content Advisory: Infertility issues, pregnancy, v!olence, thoughts of self-harm (not the FMC), scars, life changing injury, strong language, tentacles, DVP, very light BDSM.