The Splintered Bond Series

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The Splintered Bond Series

Pack Reject

I’m the pack reject. The prey.

For years, I’ve kept myself safe from my small pack’s males, hiding in sewers and sleeping in trees to keep their teeth out of my neck. They don’t really want me, just the power and prestige that comes with winning the Hunt. I only want to survive.

In three days, at the Enforcer Games, I’ll have one chance to escape. But when the Games begin, and the most powerful shifters in the world arrive at my packlands and scent me, a new Hunt begins.

They’re the princes of our world. And they’re willing to break the rules to get me.

Pack Reject is the first book in a new paranormal wolf shifter series from Amazon Top 50 and Vella-bestselling author Merri Bright. Fated mates who are driven to reject each other, powerful enemies in unlikely places, and a fierce heroine who will change the world… if she can survive the Hunt.

Content Warnings: Pack Reject contains on-page, graphic violence/death, profanity, decapitation, physical assault, loss of a loved one, mention of past sexual assault, mentions of past domestic abuse, child abuse, and an incidence of non-consensual spying during a bathing scene. This is a medium-dark, slow-burn reverse harem romance, with scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.